S3 is a convenient way to host larger static artifacts for a website, but which S3-compatible service is the cheapest for that usecase?

It’s easy to find documents containing "large" and "elephant". It’s hard to find documents in German which have "large" and "elephant" together in a sentence, or words with similar meanings to large, and provide only the 10 most relevant documents.

The background and context on why the groupings exist the way they do, and the different sorts of pages you’ll find in this section. But, this is all philosophical waxing, so quite skippable.


How to Learn: Consensus

Paxos, Raft, and all their flavors, variations, and alternatives.


dbdiag: ophistory

Anouncing thisismiller/dbdiagGitHub's ophistory script, a diagram as text tool to allow visualizing the concurrent executions of operations.

A reminder that macOS does not respect the usual ways of making data durable on disk.

A popularity-based sampling of which databases are using which TLS implementations.

When application code provides high-level fault injection points, fuzzing becomes significantly more effective.